SABO-ΜOSCHIDIS, established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1985 focuses on the manufacturing of Medium and Low Voltage Unit Switchboards.

Because of our multiannual manufacturing experience the main objective of the company is the fullest and most reliable support of every individual need concerning power control and distribution of electric energy. While maintaining excellent collaboration with other renowned developing companies in our field, we can provide a solution for each specific demand regarding the required infrastructural building for industrial use.

Since February 2013 SABO-Moschidis is run by the second successive generation in order to merge experience, technical expertise and innovative developing ideas. The company provides full coverage of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing of metal equipment parts, indoors and outdoors, plain or stainless steel, in addition to more than 400 types of metal switchboards.

SABO-Moschidis is active not only in Greece but also within the wider Balkan area planning a forthcoming expansion to other countries as well.

Our acquired experience in the construction of Photovoltaic Power Stations reaches up to 31MW, thus increasing the company potential and aspiration to even more advanced and ever-growing power distribution projects.

SABO-Moschidis plans and contructs your ideas for energy distribution and power control.