It is called Reactive Power Flow because, contrary to the Alternating Current (AC) power supply, it is not converted into energy but transmitts from the device back to the supply circuit in another form. Every device that consummes electric power has to be designed in a way that can convert this energy into useful power on minimum loss. Devices that directly convert electric power into thermal energy do not absorb Reactive Power Flow. Devices that produce AC-power are mainly those with an inductive switching behaviour, such as motors, fluorescent lamps, etc.

The electrical intstallation quality index is marked by the cosφ power factor.

The Power Factor Correction Capacitor is primarily applicable in the industrial field, where the cos efficiency of an installation is improved by boosting the electric conductor charge, while there is only limited domestic use.

SABO-Moschidis undertakes the complete planning and constructing of Automatic Reactive Compensation Systems. Contact us for an engineering installation plan that meets your requirements free of charge. It will only take your recent energy consumption bills.

The benefits of using a Power Factor Correction Capacitor:

- Up to 20% energy saving & cost reduction of the standing charge tariff

- Supplemental load reduction of the installation

- Power disruption reduction

- Increase of equipment working life

In case of a low cosφ Power Factor energy companies charge the consumer a fine fee to compensate for the loss expenses of the circuit.